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Giggle Magic – More information



Giggle Magic was specially developed for 2 to 7 year olds, and is full of variety to rivet and entertain this age group. The children go on a “magical’ journey which, of course, includes awesome magic, but young children want more than that. They want to laugh, and amazement alone will not hold their attention.

So Giggle Magic incorporates “the silly” into each magic trick and routine, and this is what rivets young audiences. Some lucky children get to help wave the oodles of wacky wands, but all children help from their seats, as we cheer, count, do hand motions, and bend – yes, they are usually bending over sideways, laughing. Plus the little ones “get” the magic – it doesn’t go over their heads. And as soon as the kids think they know Giggle Magic, a funny balloon bit pulls them right back in and gives them the chance to show how smart they are, as they identifying shapes, colors and numbers (optional for any latex free schools). Then Dinky, the baby dinosaur puppet, cracks them up with adorable pranks and rivets them once again.

All this fun is done with music that keeps pulling the attention back to the show and adding a magical intrigue. Then it is time to get up and move with a Kidz-Rock Dance Party! Dim the lights and everyone dances to kid’s pop music with a disco ball and mini light show! AWESOME!


GIGGLE MAGIC is fully in tune to the feelings of young children, and always shows respectful and kind interaction with young audiences.

A Giggle Magic Show:

  • Encourages  listening skills
  • Reinforces recognition of colors, letters, shapes and objects
  • Gives opportunities to practice counting (even in different languages)
  • Gives rewarding experiences in following directions
  •  Incorporates children’s literature (available programs incorporate the books, Have You Filled a  Bucket Today, The Thankful Book, Frosty the Snowman, or a variety of nursery rhymes)
  • Reinforces concepts being taught in school (available programs stress eating healthy foods, good dental health, or positive self-esteem)
  • Uses exaggerated facial expressions that not only result in laughter, but gives children the opportunity to practice  “reading” facial expression that portray different emotions
  • Builds self- esteem
  • Encourages kind behavior
  • Teaches children ways to be a “good audience”
  • Uses music, theatrical backdrop, puppets and magic as a fun way to introduce “live theatre” and the performing arts to young children

Get Up and Move:

  • After the show, a Kidz-Rock, or Tot-Rock Dance Party begins!
  • Gets all children exercising, and burning off energy
  • Includes kid’s pop music, or preschool music with a disco ball and mini light show