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Kindergarten Shows

kinderGiggle Magic has programs designed especially for kindergarten age children.

The program incorporates and reinforces educational messages through riveting entertainment, consisting of magic, comedy and puppetry (see available programs below). They laugh while they learn!  More info >>    Plus, the children will be up and moving with the post-show Kidz-Rock Dance Party!

Program time is 50 to 60 Minutes – see the fun for yourself  >>

TopCharacter Development for Kindergarteners 

Encourage Kindness at an Early Age

showKind Kids: This show is inspired by the book “Have you Filled a Bucket Today?,” and is designed as a character development message for young children. By incorporating the children’s literary classics of “Three Little Kittens” and “Humpty Dumpty”, the kids will have fun while discussing feelings, good deeds and sunny smiles.  The premise is that everyone is born with and carries an invisible bucket.  Being kind to others brings personal happiness, and fills everyone’s bucket.  Misbehaving or bullying will dip from our friend’s buckets & our own bucket, too.  The message becomes visually concrete with the help of a magical bucket and the classic stories. Prior introduction to “Have you Filled a Bucket Today?” is recommended. Supportive classroom materials are available to reinforce the message.

The Thankful and The Cool Kids Shows are a great way to reinforce positive behaviors and follow up The Kind Kids Show!(see below)

TopAvailable Shows 

 Silly Seuss Show: What fun the kids have when The Cat in the Hat’s gloves shrink…and then grow… and then change colors right before their very eyes.  We visit some favorite friends such as One Fish, Two Fish; Sam I Am; and there goes Thing One – he’s disappeared again!

Diggin’ Dinosaurs: Meet Boris, the mixed-up Tyrannasaurus, in a zany Diggin’ Dinosaurs Show. With help from the book Dinosaur Bones, and a magical character, Dr. Rex the Paleontologist, children will discover some interesting dinosaur facts. All the while, funny magic happens – Boris turns into… NO, it can’t be… BARNEY?? Dr. Rex has never studied a purple dinosaur before!!

Yum Yum Veggies: Little Miss Muffet and Bakery Bear encourage preschoolers to choose healthy food and drinks. So Much Yummy Fun!

Silly Smiles: Dr. Tickletooth has a great smile & loves to count teeth.  Meet Silly Sally, the mixed-up toothbrush, and learn about flossing and brushing too! Flossy the dinosaur puppet, shows the proper way.

Mother Goose’s Rhyme Time: Children’s literary classics the Three Little Kittens & Humpty Dumpty are presented with a magical twist and lots of laughs!.

Fairytale Fun: Princess Petunia (Cinderella’s BFF) gets ready for the ball – turns out she’s not “the fairest of them all!” Prince Harry dreams of being a Knight in Shining Armor, but he turns into a FROG!

Summer Fun: Summer is a time for shorts, picnics and BUGS!! Let’s celebrate the summer together!

Stars-n-Stripes: Red, White & Blue, we love you! Learn about the American Flag with more patriotic fun!

Jungle Fun: Ellie the Elephant has an amazing disappearing act; Gerry the Giraffe is standing on his head - Have the animals GONE WILD??

 Zany Zoo:  Zoe Zebra has lost her stripes & Charlie Cheetah is monkey-ing around at the zoo!

Circus Magic: Lots of clowning around under the big top! WOW – Ellie the Elephant has an amazing disappearing act!

Farmyard Frolics: Riley the Rooster forgets to wake up Farmer Fred and the barnyard animals are off on an adventure.

Pirate’s Treasure: Mango the Monkey gets stuck in the treasure chest; Pirate Pete has an eye patch malfunction!

The Thankful ShowWith laughter & giggles, children give thanks and appreciation for people and things in their daily lives; everything from listening ears, to school friends, books, music and fun! Great follow-up for the Kind Kids Program. Much more than a November Thanksgiving day program.

Cool Kids: Everybody is special, that’s the message. Be beautiful on the inside like Candice the Caterpillar. Be the best you can be!

 Kooky (not-so) Spooky: Find BooBoo the Ghost in the Haunted House, and uh, oh…Mr. Bones, the skeleton, has turned into a PUMPKIN!!!

FrostyFrosty Fun: Frosty the Snowman can’t find his buttons and is about to have a melt down! No holiday discussion – just winter fun, with a visit from Frosty (puppet)!

Jingle Bells Holiday Show: Santa’s belly gets stuck in the chimney, meanwhile Rudolph is feeling blue and who “nose” why.

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